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J&H Wilson S.P.No.1 Snuff (20g Tins)

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  • Grind: Fine
  • Moisture: Dry
  • 20g Vacuum Sealed Tin

New Improved Well 2012 may be remembered for many things, the Olympics,The Queens Jubilee and to cap it all it's the year Imperial Tobacco had a moment of clarity! After a couple of turbulent years with all their snuff being produced in South Africa and many issues surrounding quality and supply they are now moving production back to the UK (Crack open the champagne)

J and H Wilson SP No.1 Snuff: John and Henry Wilson S.P.No.1 Snuff is a light brown, finely ground dryish snuff. Although being finely ground and dry it generally renowned as an everyday snuff.

The S.P.No.1 is a fine and fairly dry snuff with a subtle Bergamot flavouring, which allows the flavour of the high quality tobacco leaf to come through. All though the Top Mill is a must try snuff we wouldn't recommend it for the less experienced snuff takers. Fine and dry snuff is not as easy going as the damp courser snuffs.

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