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Wilsons of Sharrow Best SP Snuff (Large)

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  • Grind: Med-Fine
  • Moisture: Med-Dry

The Wilsons Best S.P. has been Wilsons' best selling snuff for more than 250 years. Its basic aroma is of the finest tobacco leaves with discreet additions of various essential oils from Mediterranean citrus fruits. Basically speaking an abundance of quality raw tobacco flavours with the edge taken off.

The description above is open to interpretation. Every snuff taker will grade a snuff differently. The colour of the tin, the appearance or even simply brand preference can affect a snuff takers opinion before they have even taken a pinch. We have gathered as much information as possible on every snuff we stock and highlighted the most common traits reported. If you disagree with our description or feel the description may be unhelpful to other snuff takers we encourage you to let us know so we can re-evaluate the description.

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