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J&H Wilson Medicated No.99 Snuff (20g Tins)

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  • Grind: Fine
  • Moisture: Medium
  • 20g Tin

New Improved Well 2012 may be remembered for many things, the Olympics,The Queens Jubilee and to cap it all it's the year Imperial Tobacco had a moment of clarity! After a couple of turbulent years with all their snuff being produced in South Africa and many issues surrounding quality and supply they are now moving production back to the UK (Crack open the champagne)

J and H Wilson Medicated Snuff: Medicated No.99 Snuff is a fine ground, medium moisture, brown snuff with a strong medicated menthol flavour produced by J & H Wilson. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that hasn't heard of the famous Medicated No.99 snuff.

Medicated snuffs are renowned for a very intense medicinal menthol flavour, which can prove overpowering and is an acquired taste. With the fine grind and medium moisture we would not recommend this snuff for the beginner unless you want an experience you will never forget. Fine drier snuffs are for the experienced snuff taker who no longer achieves the same sensation from the standard snuffs. If you are a novice the Medicated snuffs will likely make you itch and sneeze, which you may find un-pleasant.

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