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McChrystals Jip Menthol snuff Minor (3.5g Tin)

QTY Price
Single Tin £1.05
3 Tins of Snuff £3.10
6 Tins of Snuff £6.10
12 Tins (Full Box) £11.50

  • Grind: Medium/Fine
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Colour: Brown
  • Weight: 3.5g

McChrystals Original and Genuine medicated snuff is probably the most popular snuff in the world. This tends to overshadow their other snuff blends but McChrystals also produce some other flavours.

McChrystals JIP
The usual high grade tobacco base we have come to expect from McChrystals blended to provide a dark, rich satisfying snuff before being heavily laced with menthol oils. Jip is a true medicated snuff, you will not come across many menthol snuffs that can clear the senses quite as well as the JIP.

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