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Poschls Ozona S-Type (Formerly Spearmint) Snuff

QTY Price
Single Tub of Snuff £1.65
5 Tubs of Snuff £8.00
10 Tubs of Snuff £15.40
Full Box (20 Tubs of Snuff) £28.60

  • Grind: Med-Coarse
  • Moisture: Med-Moist
  • Handy 5g Dispenser Tin

Poschl S-Type (Formerly Spearmint Snuff)
The Poschl Ozona S-Type is a refreshing mentholated snuff, which has been blended with a contrasting Spearmint flavour, which takes the edge of the Menthol flavour nicely.

As a guide the coarser ground, moister snuffs are easier going than Fine Dry snuffs and therefore more suited to the beginner.

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