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Butz Choquin Nocturne 1601 Briar Smoking Pipe

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Single Briar Pipe £65.99

  • Overall Length: 140mm
  • Overall Height: 51mm
  • Bowl Height: 41mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 33mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 44g
  • Gift Boxed
The finest French export second only to Dom Perignon!

Butz Choquin pipes are hand crafted from the finest Mediterranean Briar according to a meticulous manufacturing process that has been perfected over a 140 year history through 4 generations. Every Butz Choquin briar block is dried naturally over several months before being passed through the hands of no fewer than 80 craftsmen until the final pipe is polished and inspected ready to be re-homed.

Metal condensing filter, 9mm absorbent or no filter!? You decide!

The Butz Choquin Nocturne 1601 is a classic Straight Billiard briar with an average bore for a satisfying fill that wont break the bank. The bore is also quite deep so can be loosley filled for a quicker smoke or packed for a longer fire side session. The briar walls are a good thickness to stop the pipe overheating, which is also helped by the three cooling grooves, which increase the surface area of the pipe in contact with the cool air. And in the nature of Butz Choquin they are also breaking the mould in design. The deep rich Black finish and contrasting Clear stem give a subtle but definite style image, without having to resort to wacky shapes.

Multi purpose filter: The Nocturne come with Butz Choquins new multi purpose filter. It is a confusing choice to make when choosing a new pipe. Do you want a metal condensing filter a 9mm absorbant filter or an un-restricted full on smoke. Now you have the choice and can sample the different effects of each.