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Dr Plumbs Combination Zipped Black Leather Tobaco Pouch P2871

QTY Price
Single Tobacco Pouch £18.99

  • Length: 175mm
  • Height: 90mm
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Capacity: 50g
  • Zipped Fastener
Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouches:
Leather Tobacco Pouches are the more more practical & luxurious solution for transporting your Tobacco and accessories. They keep your Tobacco fresh, keep all your smoking requisites to hand and look a damned sight nicer than the plastic offerings Tobacco is now packaged in by the manufacturers.

Dr Plumbs P2871/B Tobacco Pouch:
The Dr Plumbs P2871/B is a combination style Tobacco pouch with plenty of space for Tobacco a pipe and accessories. The pipe sits underneath in a lined compartment which is shaped to fit bent or straight pipes. There is then a handy slot for sliding pipe cleaners into so they are preserved straighter than if forced in with the tobacco or accessories. And if that isn’t enough there is a sleeve on the front perfect for keeping a lighter or pipe tool at your finger tips.

The Pouch is made from the usual soft Leather associated with Dr Plumb products and has a flexible latex lining which aids in forming a seal and keeping the tobacco fresh.

Please note that the dimensions above are intended as a guide only.
Measuring a soft leather pouch is difficult and is done when the pouch has no Tobacco or accessories stored in it.

Pouch Only:
It’s a shame we have to say it but there’s always a clever one who wants to try it on. The pipe and accessories in the picture are for illustration only and are not included with the pouch.