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** British Made ** Budget Tartan Tobacco Pouch Blue & Red

  • Length: 150mm
  • Height: 85mm
  • Depth: 10mm
  • Capacity: 50g

British Made Tartan Tobacco Pouches These instantly recognisable pouches have been around for Donkeys years and nobody could guess how many millions have been sold. It came as a massive shock when these pouches disappeared off the market in the early 00's. It turned out they were made by one English Gentleman and he passed away all of a sudden without a successor to take his place. Thankfully for 2014 the factory has been resurrected and these pouches are readily available again.

They are made very simply with a British Latex lining inside a Tartan cloth for added durability. These handy pouches are less bulky than their leather versions and are a fraction of the price so is less hard on the wallet if you miss place it. There is no sacrifice in the tobacco preservation and some even say they do a better job as you can roll them up tighter to expel more air.

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