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Comoys Black Leather Pipe Glove, Fire Retardant Carry Case P25539

  • Length: 190mm
  • Height: 87mm
  • Real Leather
  • Fire Retardant Protective Lining

Comoys Pipe Glove: Well we thought pipe cases were a thing of the past but when we approached one of our suppliers it turned out that Comoys of London already produced one. And not just any old pipe bag, this is a quality glove made from a lovely soft Leather. There is a heat resistant lining inside, please note this is not flame proof! You should always allow the pipe to cool before putting your pipe in it. The idea of a pipe glove is to protect your pipe in transit not to enable you to put a freshly lit pipe in after you've realised you were a bit ambitious with the last fill and ran out of time before a meeting.

Unfortunately the Comoys protective pipe case is not a one size fits all and only comes in one size. it is designed for the average sized pipe. if your pipe is described as large or small then it will not be suitable for this carry case.

As a general guide most pipes up to 165mm in length, 70mm in bowl height and a bowl diameter not exceeding 50mm should be fine. Larger pipes may fit after time as the Leather will stretch. Obviously smaller pipes will fit but anything shorter than 120mm is going to be lost in this pouch.

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