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McChrystal's SP Large 8.75g Tin of Snuff (Plain)

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  • Grind: Medium/Fine
  • Moisture: Medium/Dry
  • Colour: Golden Brown
  • Weight: 8.75g of Snuff

McChrystals Original and Genuine medicated snuff is probably the most popular snuff in the world. This tends to overshadow their other snuff blends but the McChrytals SP is one of the best.

McChrystals SP Snuff McChrystals signature tobacco base, which has been enhanced with a discreet Bergamot flavouring for a true classic English SP. The McChrystals SP is not ideal for the amateur snuff user but makes an ideal entry SP for the moderate user wishing to move away from heavy scented snuffs. A little punch of bergamot and a sweet biscuit flavour at the start, disappears then reappears. It leaves behind a very mild floral flavour and eventually undertones of port emerge.

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