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McChrystal's Sunblast Large 8.75g Tin of Snuff (Menthol/Apricot)

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  • Grind: Medium/Fine
  • Moisture: Medium
  • Colour: Brown
  • Weight: 8.75g

Exhilarating Menthol with a hint of Apricot.

A fine dry – ish snuff. The menthol flavour is fairly strong and lingers in the nose but it cools to a refreshing tingle. A powerful combination of tobacco and Apricot.

Snuff takers can comfortably enjoy McChrystals snuff knowing that every pinch is ground using only the finest tobacco available before being enhanced with a highly secret mentholated recipe with the addition of Eucalyptus that has remained un-changed for over 80 years. The Medium Grind and Moisture is enjoyable by the less experienced yet gives enough kick for an all-day snuff for the more experienced.

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