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Mascotte Menthol Cigarette Tubes 200's

QTY Price
Single Box (Jiffy Bag) £2.25
5 Boxes (1000 Tubes) Box £11.05
15 Boxes (3000 Tubes) Box £28.15
20 Boxes (4000 Tubes) Box £37.15
25 Boxes (5000 Tubes) Box £44.90
50 Boxes (10000 Tubes) Box £80.99

  • 200 Empty / Blank Cigarettes
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Total Cigarette Length: 83.5mm
  • Filter Length: 15.5mm
  • Mentholated Flavour

Lets Go Dutch
Established in 1858 and started making waves in 1944 when fine paper used for printing Bibles of all things was found to be suitable for rolling paper, which at the time was in short supply. So can we say Mascotte papers are endorsed by religion? Maybe a stretch too far but if you’ve got a light imagination you can chose if you want to believe it!
Unfounded claims aside, Mascotte have been perfecting their products in the rolling capital of the world for 70 years and now they feel it’s time to give the world access to their products as they are finally released in the UK.

Mascotte Mentholated Cigarette Tubes 200’s
The Mascotte Classic Cigarette filter tubes are made from Mascottes usual premium quality paper but have been enhanced with a Menthol flavouring in the filter.

Recommended Tubing Machine
Ideally we recommend using the Mascotte tubing machines but any 8mm compatible tubing machine with a tobacco chamber measuring 67-69mm should work fine. They will not work with the “Make Your Own” or “Rizla Concept” tubing machines as these companies are trying to manipulate the Tubing market by offering a cheap machine then forcing you to buy their tubes.

Tobacco choice:
The finer and drier the tobacco the easier it will fit into these tubes. Good quality tobacco’s such as the Auld Kendal range can be slightly damp but smoke nicer than tubing specific tobacco’s. We would recommend letting your tobacco dry out a little before tubing until you get the hang of using your machine.

Please note that the discount options are marked clearly with a jiffy bag or a cardboard box. To keep prices competitive we package small quantities in a jiffy bag. We clearly mark these parcels as fragile but they have been known to get damaged in transit. (These are sent entirely at the customers risk)
We cannot accept responsibility for items damaged in the post when sent in a jiffy bag.