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Mascotte Charcoal / Carbon Activated Smooth Cigarette Tubes 200’s

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  • 200 Empty / Blank Cigarettes
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Total Cigarette Length: 83.5mm
  • Filter Length: 15.5mm
  • Activated Carbon

Mascotte Carbon Activated Cigarette Tubes 100’s The Carbon Filtered Blank Cigarette tubes are made using Mascottes usual premium quality paper with a deluxe twist. Carbon filtering is not a new concept but it’s only in recent years that smokers have become to appreciate and understand the benefits. Carbon is very absorbent and due to its very high surface area, Carbon is one of the best materials for filtration. Two thin fibre filters hold a layer of activated carbon in the centre of the filter. As the smoke passes through, the charcoal absorbs a large amount of tar, nicotine and other impurities without affecting the draw or flavour like a standard fibre filter. The result is a smoother, more flavoursome smoke.

Recommended Tubing Machine Ideally we recommend using the Mascotte tubing machines but any 8mm compatible tubing machine with a tobacco chamber measuring 67-69mm should work fine. They will not work with the “Make Your Own” or “Rizla Concept” tubing machines as these companies are trying to manipulate the Tubing market by offering a cheap machine then forcing you to buy their tubes.

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