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Brookfield American Toasted Tubing Tobacco

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The Brookfield American Tubing tobacco is the only tubing specific tobacco we stock. Overseas Tubing tobacco is much more popular as they have different tastes to the UK market. In general we have found that most UK smokers prefer to use Hand Rolling specific tobacco as the burn rate is slower and cooler.

However there is still a large demand for tubing tobacco as it is drier and has shorter strands to make tubing easier. The tobacco is manufactured slightly different, which gives it a slightly different flavour and character to hand rolling. You will also get more cigarettes weight for weight than Hand Rolling tobacco as Tubing tobacco has more volume to weight ratio.

The Brookfield American blend is a fairly mild tobacco made from toasted Virgina leaves, which gives it that typical American flavour and bite associated with Marlboro and Camel cigarettes but there is substantially less chemical flavour compared to any manufactured cigarettes.

Here at The Black Swan Shoppe, specialist tobacconist we buy the Brookfield American Blend Tubing tobacco in 200g tubs. You have the option of buying a full 200g tub or we will happily weigh the tobacco out into 12.5g, 25g and 50g pouches if you wish to buy smaller amounts.

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