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***DISCONTINUED*** Mascotte Deluxe Premium Table Top Tubing Machine

Single Boxed Tubing Machine £19.99

** This product is not currently available. **

These tubing machines have now been discontinued, we have left the listing here for historical reference and interest

  • German Made
  • Easy Action
  • Suitable for Bulk Tubing
  • For use with 8mm cigarette tubes
  • Adapter Diameter: 7.8mm
  • Tobacco Chamber: 68mm
  • Base Dimensions: 65mm x 120mm

Lets Go Dutch
Established in 1858 and started making waves in 1944 when fine paper used for printing Bibles of all things was found to be suitable for rolling paper, which at the time was in short supply. So can we say Mascotte papers are endorsed by religion? Maybe a stretch too far but if you’ve got a light imagination you can chose if you want to believe it!
Unfounded claims aside, Mascotte have been perfecting their products in the rolling capital of the world for 70 years and now they feel it’s time to give the world access to their products as they are finally released in the UK.

Tabletop Cigarette Tubing Machines
These machines have previously been hard to get on the UK market but as smokers are seeing the light and moving away from tailor made cigarettes the demand has made sourcing them easier.

1.Simply lift the lever and place the desired amount of tobacco in the slot.
2.Put a tube on the end and pull the lever down.

The machine forms the tobacco and effortlessly slides it into the cigarette tube, first time every time.
The only thing to master is the desired amount of tobacco depending on the desired burn rate of the final cigarette.

They aren’t exactly portable but most people will sit in front of the TV and make up a hundred cigarettes to last them the week. And we have been reliably informed 100 cigarettes can be made in under an hour, but we suspect this could be affected by the choice of TV program.

Recommended Tubes:
These machines will work with most standard brands of 8mm cigarette tubes with a filling chamber between 66mm and 68mm (Total Length – Filter Length.) Most brands are universal but Imperial tobacco again are trying to manipulate the tubing market so you they entice you to buy their tubing machine at a discounted price then force you to buy their tubes at an inflated price. So the “Rizla Concept” and “make your own” tubes are too small for this machine and will likely tear when using this machine. You can get away with making a cigarette with the “Rizla Concept” and “make your own” tubes if you are careful and don’t

Tubing Machines:
Make cigarettes, that appear like pre-manufactured cigarettes whilst using the tobacco of your choice. This machine pushes the tobacco neatly into the pre-manufactured tube, which are available from this site in packs of 100’s

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