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**Discontinued** Gizeh Silver Tip Cigarette Tubing Machine **Recommended**

Single Tubing Machine £7.50

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately we can no longer get these tubing machines but we shall leave the image and description here for historical reference and interest.

  • For use with 8mm cigarette tubes
  • Adapter Diameter: 7.8mm
  • Tobacco Chamber: 68mm

Save time and money!

The Gizeh tubing machines are a great, high quality, German made machine, which will outlast a Rizla concept machine and do not restrict you to a specific brand of tubes. It is recommended to use finer tobacco’s such as the Auld Kendal which we sell on this site.

Recommended Tubes:
These machines will work with most standard brands of 8mm cigarette tubes with a filling chamber between 66mm and 68mm (Total Length – Filter Length.) Most brands are universal but Imperial tobacco again are trying to manipulate the tubing market so you they entice you to buy their tubing machine at a discounted price then force you to buy their tubes at an inflated price. So the “Rizla Concept” and “make your own” tubes are too small for this machine and will likely tear when using this machine. You can get away with making a cigarette with the “Rizla Concept” and “make your own” tubes if you are careful and don’t

Tubing Machines:
Make cigarettes, that appear like pre-manufactured cigarettes whilst using the tobacco of your choice. This machine pushes the tobacco neatly into the pre-manufactured tube, which are available from this site in packs of 100’s