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Toscano Toscanello Italian Cigars (Aged for 12 months) Box of 5 Cigars

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  • Box of 5 Cigars
  • Aged 12 Months
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Italian Cigars
  • Cellophane Wrapped Box
  • No Humidor Required
  • Half the size of a Standard Toscano Antico
  • 76mm long Tapered to a 38 Ring Gauge

CLINT EASTWOODS PREFERRED SMOKE! The actual brand enjoyed by Clint Eastwood in his countless movies.

Unlike many large European Cigar manufacturers, Toscano do not import all their tobacco leaves. The majority of the tobacco you will find in a Toscano Antico is grown on Italian plantations giving them their own unique flavour and aroma not found in any other cigar. Being different the Italians experimented with Dark Kentucky Italian tobacco as a cigar filler wrapped in an American Kentucky leaf and the Toscano was born!

As the popular saying goes, "a toscano never cheats" which is appropriate for Toscano cigars as they are rolled according to its natural shape. Every Toscano cigar does not undergo molding procedure unlike the common cigars from the Caribbean where they are pressed using a cigar molder in order to achieve the desired shape. After rolling, the cigar is flame cured over fires fueled by precious oakwood which serves to give the Toscano Antico its distinct taste and appearance. They are then put through a minimum 12 month maturing process to enhance the flavour further.

All in all you will get a rustic, naturally shaped, full bodied cigar that draws evenly punching out a unique complex flavour. All though Toscano aren't a harsh cigar we would not recommend them for the total novice as they may prove a little over powering. However do not be put off most smokers with any experience of cigars will enjoy a Toscano Antico.

TUSCANIAN: The typical Italian cigar, created in the early 19th century when Kentucky tobacco was hybridised with local varieties and used to create a long, tough, slim cigar thicker in the middle and tapered at the ends, with a very strong aroma. It is also known as a cheroot which is the largest selling cigar shape in the United States.

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