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Neos Mini Java Budget Cigars (Pack of 10 Cigars)

QTY Price
Single Pack (10 Cigars) £5.15
3 Packs (30 Cigars) £15.30
5 Packs (50 Cigars) £25.05
Full Box x10 Packs (100 Cigars) £48.70

  • Length: 85mm
Neos Dutch Cigars:
The Neos cigar brand are a cracking great value cigar and can often be found cheaper than Hamlets with a far superior flavour.

Neos Mini Dutch Cigars:
The Neos minis are produced from 100% Java Tobacco, which is well renowned for Cigar production and adds a character that no other tobacco leaf can come close to. The Java Besuki leaf is grown on a small island with a unique climate and soil qualities. The availability of Java tobacco is limited and for this reason you will be hard pressed to find another budget cigar that tastes anything like a Neos mini.

The Neos Mini are a fairly mild cigar, with a good amount of flavour. They do not require cutting and can be smoked straight out of the tin.

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