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Ambasciator Italico Il Buttero Ammezzato Italian made Half Cheroot Cigars

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Single Pack (5 Cigars) £12.90
3 Packs (15 Cigars) £38.10
5 Packs (25 Cigars) £62.60
10 Packs (50 Cigars) £99.10

  • Flavour: Medium
  • Italian Cigars
  • Cellophane Wrapped
  • No Humidor Required
  • Pack of 5

Il Buttero Ammezzato
Italico Il Buttero (translates as cowboy in Italian) is just as its name suggested, a rustic Clint Eastwood-style cigar with mellow aromas characterized by amazing flavors of toast, spices and aromatic oak wood. For when you want an intense yet balanced smoke to be enjoyed “tutto giorno”

The majority of the tobacco you will find in an Italico cigar is grown on Italian plantations giving them their own unique flavour and aroma not found in any other cigar. Being different, the Italians experimented with Dark Kentucky Italian tobacco as a cigar filler wrapped in an Italian Kentucky leaf