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**DISCONTINUED** Puritos Solo Hand Rolled Vanilla Flavoured Dominican Cigars (Tin of 10)

Single Tin (10 Cigars) £23.40
3 Tins (30 Cigars) £66.00

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately these Cigars are no longer available in the UK and we have exhausted all stocks. We have left the listing on our website for historical reference and interest.

* Length: 95mm
* Guage: 29
* Vanilla Flavoured
* Mild – Medium Strength
* Dominican
* Long Filler

The Puritos Vanilla Hand Rolled Dominican cigars are a very unique Cigar. It is rare to get hand rolled cigars this size as the work involved could be used to make a bigger cigar and make more profit.
Being hand rolled means the leaf is rolled lengthways and the smoke follows a channel for the full duration of the cigar. This means the cigar draws easier and smoother and more tobacco is packed into the cigar. All though these are a similar cigar to a Hamlet the smoking time is almost doubled.

And as if that wasn’t enough the finest Dominican leaf is infused with quality Vanilla flavoured oils during the ageing process before they are passed to the Torcedor for inspection and rolling.
The Dominican alone is packed full of deep, rich earthy flavours and with the addition a rich oily infusion makes these a truly unique and remarkable smoke.

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