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Oliver Twist Original (Liquorice) Chewing Tobacco Bits

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Single Tub £5.90
3 Tubs Chewing Bits £16.85
6 Tubs Chewing Bits £31.70

  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Legal in Public Places

The Oliver Twist Original contains on 7 grams (average 30 pieces) of Original Liquorice flavoured chewing bits with an added smokey character.

Oliver Twist are smokeless tobacco pellets designed to be placed in the side of the mouth where it provides a satisfying flavour and gradually releases nicotine for up to an hour. A tobacco pellet measures 1.0 x 0.5 cm and has a natural content of nicotine.

Place between cheek and gum

Chew gently for more flavour

Discard when flavour subsides

The average sugar content of each mini-roll is 0.01 gram.

The average nicotine content of Original is 6 mg per tobacco pellet, based on an average moisture content of 27%. Only a small portion of the nicotine is absorbed during use, and when you remove the mini-roll after you are done using it, it will still contain nicotine.

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