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Backwoods Caribe (Formerly Rum) All Natural Tobacco (Pack of 5 Cigars)

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Single Packet (5 Cigars) £15.10
3 Packs (15 Cigars) £44.60
5 Packs (25 Cigars) £73.00
Full Box (8 Packs, 40 Cigars) £114.00

  • Flavour: Mild with Rum
  • American (Dominican Made)

The Untamed Natural Beauty of a Backwoods!
Are they made in the Dominican Republic or have they been rolled by a Cowboy in the wild west?
The truth is they are made in the Dominican Republic using quality tobacco, which has been aged for a minimum of 12 months to bring out the natural sweetness before the leaves have been enhanced with a sweet flavouring.

The Backwoods cigars were introduced nationally in 1981 and were an overnight success. Their unique structure and look -“WILD & MILD” as it was called, with a frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head, had great appeal to cigar smokers.

Many modern cigars are rolled to a very refined and specific shape, which often compresses the tobacco unevenly across the cigar. The Backwoods are rolled loosely using an even pressure, which results in a rustic looking cigar but draws easily and evenly packing plenty of flavour.

Their unique style, taste, aroma and package has made Backwoods the number one selling all natural cigar in the world.

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