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King Edward Tipped Cigarillos (Pack of 5)

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Single Pack (5 Wrapped Cigarillos) £12.35
3 Packs (15 Wrapped Cigarillos) £35.85
5 Packs (25 Wrapped Cigarillos) £58.90

Flavour: Mild American The King Edward Invincible has got to be one of the most famous cigars in the UK if not the world. Before we even consider the cigars qualities we are happy to endorse a King Eddie as the cigar was named after the famous King Edward VII whose first words as King were “Gentlemen, you may smoke,” thereby striking down Queen Victoria’s ban on smoking on the royal premises. (Obviously in the modern day we would consider female smokers here but as good as we are, we can’t alter history)

A new release from Swisher, King Edward is a well-known machine made cigar that’s been around forever. Smooth, mild and affordable, perfect for a quick, day time smoke. The tips give you a unique and pleasurable smoking experience. The natural leaf wrapper simply enhances the natural tobacco filler. A soft, easy going cigar with a hint of sweetness.

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