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Auld Kendal Halfzware Hand Rolling/Tubing Tobacco (Loose)

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The Auld Kendal is designed specifically for Hand Rolling but the majority of our customers who use cigarette tubes find the Auld Kendal is also suited to tubing. When you first use it we would recommend letting it dry out a little as tubing specific tobacco is generally drier to make tubing easier. However once you get used to tubing with it you will probably want to use it moist as it will smoke smoother and make your cigarette more enjoyable.

A welcome addition to the Kendal full bodied hand rolling tobacco released to the market in 2014. Previously smokers who wanted a full strength tobacco were very restricted and had the choice of the AK Dark or Kentucky and the odd packet of Gauloises if you could find it. Now Gawith and Hoggarth have introduced a new full strength tobacco blend. The Auld Kendal Halfzware is a blend of Air Cured bright Virginia and darker leaves, which isn't as rich as the fire cured tobaccos but still gives a good kick. This provides a strong smoke with a crisper burn. Some smokers enjoy the extra bite and richness of fire curing but the Halfzware is for those who want the nicotine strength in a smoother, cleaner smoke.

Loose packaged to order: Here at the Black Swan Specialist Tobacconist we buy our Auld Kendal Mixed Dutch, Hand Rolling, Tobacco in half kilo bags. This means we hand package your tobacco and inspect every strand before it reaches you.

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