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Herold Solingen Double Sided Paddle Razor Strop

  • High quality Cowhide
  • German Made

You've purchased a quality Straight Razor or cut throat. If you've purchased a good quality razor, it has likely gone through a number of meticulous manufacturing processes before it has been professionally honed and wetted or stropped to obtain an impeccable fin (edge.) If you don't maintain your razor, all this time and effort you have paid for has been wasted.

Preferably your razor should be stropped before each use to keep the edge polished. A strop isn't designed to sharpen your blade, just to polish the microscopic teeth at the edge of the blade/fin. The purchase of a good strop and a couple of strokes before each use should keep your razor edge for many months.

The Herold Solingen premium cowhide paddle strop has a wooden handle which gives the user a firm hold to get the desired angle. The strop has 2 sides for all your sharpening and honing needs

A quality stropping paste is advised to make stropping easier and keep the leather smooth and supple.

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