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Dovo Solingen German Steel Deluxe Nail Clippers (Small)

  • Length: 61mm
  • Width: 12.5mm
  • Ultra Sharp
  • Stainless Steel
  • Precision Made
  • German Made

Forget what we ever said about the other nail clippers we stock. Yes the other solingen nail clippers are far superior to the standard Nail Clippers you get from Boots (other high street chemists are available) but they aren't a patch on these!

Simply effortless! Anyone with tough nails knows we stand for 20 minutes in the bathroom bending and tearing through our nails and emerge with roughly cut nails and a red face! Well not anymore! We didn't think we'd ever see any better folding travel nail clippers and always recommended the pincers to anyone who was struggling, well not anymore! These clippers are so sharp they are are simply effortless and there isn't a hint of the satin steel handles bending or twisting! Cut through the toughest of nails like slicing through melted butter or even margarine! Okay enough playing with clichés but these really are the mutz nuts! (Okay there was one more)

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