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Dr Dittmar Spezial Natural Shaving Soap 70g Tin

  • 70g
  • Reduces Razorburn
  • Prevents Ingrowing Hairs
  • Made in Germany

Canned Foam and PH Neutral shaving gels do not have any effect on the skin and hairs. These products generally serve as a lubricant to ease the gliding of the blade only. In contrast Dr Dittmar Spezial has a high PH which makes sure that the capillaries are stabilized and that the hair is softened Thus, they can be cut by the razorblade with less effort and are cut straight rather than at an angle which is the main cause of the dreaded razor burn. The soap should be lathered with a quality shaving brush that has been soaked in hot water before applying to the face in a circular motion.

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