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English Pewter Company One Pint Stout Guinness Tankard EP044

  • Height: 106mm
  • Width: 125mm
  • Depth: 97mm
  • Holds: 1 Pint / 568ml
  • Lead Free English Made Pewter

English Pewter Company Sheffield has long had a tradition and industry based on metalwork, silverwork and cutlery. In 1977 Alan and Robert Shaw set up the English Pewter Company. With a commitment to quality, service and price they soon became the UK's largest manufacturer of quality pewter giftware.

Pewter Pewter, an easily worked alloy, has been in use in Britain for near on 2000 years. Pewter remained a cottage industry until 1770 when a new pewter alloy which used Antimony and Copper instead of Lead was developed in Sheffield, it became known as Britannia metal and was capable of being given a bright polish.

One Pint Stout Tankard All of English Pewter Company's tankards share the same high standards of craftsmanship and longevity but in terms of design and appearance this beautiful stout tankard offers you something just that little bit different. The traditional 'stout style' body gives the 10cm tall and 8cm wide tankard an innovative and unique look that is further enhanced by the stylised curved Tudor style handle, which is a perfect accompaniment for the elegant body of the tankard. The beauty of the EP044 is completed by the highly polished finish which is also ideal for engraving the recipient's name, an important date, or a message of your choice to make this a truly personal gift.

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