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Chevron Short Corona (Single Loose Filipino Cigars)

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  • Length: 114mm
  • Gauge: 41
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Filipino

Chevron Hand Rolled Cigars Chevron have come out of a collaboration between Tabaqueria de Filipinas and some UK cigar specialists. Tabaqueria de Filipinas began 40 years ago as a 5-roller operation located in a garage in Manila. Today, they have over 200 employees in a large factory in San Pedro, Laguna, where they continue to hand craft Philippine cigars in the traditional way. All their cigars are produced under the watchful eye of everyone involved in the process. From the farmers who grow the seeds in Northern Luzon, to the expert rollers at the San Pedro factory. When they are ready, each cigar is carefully packed, ready to be shipped to cigar aficionados around the globe.

Chevron Short Corona The smallest of the Chevron offerings, This format is sure to appeal to a wide range of smokers. Perfect for when you are pinched for time but still want to enjoy a big flavourful smoke.

Individually Cellophane Wrapped: The Chevron Loose range of cigars are individually cellophane wrapped. Here at The Black Swan Shoppe Specialist Tobacconists we buy the Chevron in wrapped bundles of 4 with each Cigar individually wrapped in Cellophane. The bundles of 4 will keep for many months if kept in a dark cool place and the outer wrapper isn’t broken. Once the wrapper has been broken the individual cellophane wrapper will keep the cigar fresh for a good few weeks if kept in a dark cool place without the need for a humidor. If you have a humidor we would recommend removing all the cellophane wrappers and storing them loose in the humidor.

Preparation: Please note the Chevron are a hand rolled Cigar and therefore require cutting before the cigar can be enjoyed.

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