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Henri Wintermans Corona Sumatra (Formerly Corona Deluxe) Tubed Cigar

QTY Price
Single Tubed Cigar £5.75
3 Tubed Cigars £16.65
5 Tubed Cigars £27.45
Full Display Box (10 Cigars) £54.05

  • Length: 4 1/2 inch (115mm)
  • Diamater: 42 (16.5mm)
  • Flavour: Mild
  • Individually Tubed
  • No Humidor Required

Single Tubed Cigar!

One of the UK's favourite Cigar brands! Bring out a pack of HW's and expect some interest in the contents.

The Henri Wintermans Corona Deluxe, tubed cigars with a typically Dutch flavour. The Henri Wintermans experienced blenders produce the flavour with a careful selection of tobacco leaves originating from Indonesia, Ecuador, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, the Philippines and Italy, which are then finished with a distinctive brown Brazilian wrapper. With their many years of experience Henri Wintermans have mastered the art of exciting the taste buds of the UK market.

The light body and should easily be enjoyable by most smokers though the size may prove a little overpowering for the total novice. Henri Wintermans do not require cutting and are ready to be enjoyed straight out of the box.

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