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YoYo Havana (Mojito) Tobacco Free Nicotine Chew Bags 12mg

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  • Tobacco Free Chew Bags
  • Strength: 12mg/g Nicotine.
  • Contents: Each pack contains approximately 20 chew bags.
  • Mojito Flavour

YoYo Chew Bags Developed by the famous Swedish racing driver Conny Andersson, YoYo Chew bags are not like traditional snus, While YoYo nicotine pouches are used in a similar way, there is a key difference. Traditional Snus contains tobacco, YoYo nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco-free. And as they are also smoke-free and vape free, they can be used discreetly anytime and anywhere

YoYo Havana Fresh tangy lime with sweet mint and punchy rum are a match made in heaven, close your eyes and be whisked away to Old Havana. You'll almost be able to smell the cigar smoke in the air.

How to Use Pop one of the soft, white nicotine pouches under your top or bottom lip. Position the pouch to the side of your lip for a more comfortable fit. You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your mouth. This usually lasts around 15 minutes. Enjoy a fresh nicotine experience that lasts up to an hour. Use it anytime, anywhere. When you’re done with your nicotine pouch, dispose of it in a non-recycling bin or in the handy container at the top of the can.

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