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Xikar Pipeline Engraved Chrome Pipe Lighter and Tamper Xi-1595CS

Notice: Lighters can only ship via DPD
  • Height: 67mm
  • Width: 28mm
  • Ignition: Flint
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Flame: 45 Degree Classic Pipe Flame
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Gift Box


Xikar are that confident about the reliability of their engineering they will guarantee your lighter will be in working order for a lifetime. (Obviously this excludes any lighter that has been abused)

The flame is ignited by flicking the lid and rotating the flint wheel towards you (if your right handed.) This sends a shower of sparks over the gas valve, which ignites the gas providing an offset flame, which will not be distinguished until the lid is shut. This enables the pipe smoker to hold the lighter at the base meaning the hands are well and truly away from the heat. There is also a pipe tamper built into the base to save that precious index finger when tamping the tobacco.

These little beauties had not been inspected for more than 30 seconds before the order was placed. We have long been waiting for a Gas, Flint pipe lighter of this quality and eventually it has arrived. There is a good solid feel to these lighters and just an air of quality. No loose riveting or badly fitted fascias, the element that has been missing from many lighters in the past few years. And we don't feel the price tag reflects this. These lighters can honestly be compared to a Dunhill lighter at over £150. If we ever get one of these returned under warranty I will be gob smacked!

Any standard sized flint will work in the Xikar lighters but we personally recommend Zippo flints. It is recommended to use Xikar lighter gas to refill these lighters. However any good quality gas with the standard filling nozzle is more than good enough and is available from your local tobacconist or any good supermarket. Ronson, Colibri or Zippo are all fine. We would not recommend buying cheap gas from the pound shop or brands such as bull brand as the gas is not as pure and can block the gas valve.

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