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**DISCONTINUED** Wooden Sealed Tobacco Storage Jar Camwood with Pipe Rest TJL29

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately these Jars are no longer made due to a factory closure. We have left the listing for historical reference and interest.

  • Height 89mm
  • Width 111mm
  • Capacity: 100g (Approx)

Wooden Tobacco Jars: Tobacco jars are extremely sparse on the UK market with a very limited range of over priced ceramic offerings. We are delighted to have sourced a batch of these perfect Camwood Tobacco Jars with built in pipe stand on the lid

They are made of good quality Camwood (which is also know as African Sandalwood) and they have a tight fitting quality rubber seal around the rim to make an airtight seal and a built in sponge in the lid to prevent the tobacco drying out.

They are designed to hold up to 100g of Tobacco if pressed in tightly. As with all tobacco storage we advise to pack as much Tobacco into the jar as you can to expel as much air as possible which prevents drying out.

Packaging: Please note that these jars do not come in a gift box

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