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Spanish High Grade Roll Up Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouch 50161 Tan


BUY RIGHT BUY ONCE! How many tobacco pouches have you bought over the years only to find the inner latex perishes long before the leather or the thin pathetic excuse of a layer of leather over synthetic rubs off after 6 months?! Hardly cost effective Well finally the tide is turning away from disposable Britain as we are getting numerous requests from our customers for better quality rather than cheap so we have passed this request up the chain and sourced some high grade pouches. And as there is no brand name you are simply paying for the quality!

These high grade tobacco pouches are hand crafted in Spain using the world renowned, Spanish, full hide leather incorporating British Latex (Yes we still make something in Britain worthy of the high grade tag). As soon as we received the first sample of these tobacco pouches we knew we'd got it right, we've not felt leather of this softness and quality for many many years and the craftsmanship is impecable. We are tobacconists and no expert on latex but it is unlike any other pouch we stock. We are told that this latex will outlast the stuff sewn into standard pouches for many years and how many pouches last much longer than a year?!

Roll up design The roll up design pouch is our favourite style of tobacco pouch! No zips or press studs to go wrong. Simply a large patch of leather with a smaller patch sewn on top and the deluxe Latex lining in between to form a compartment for your favourite tobacco. The internal layer of leather is finished with a thin layer of suede giving you that extra grip to roll. When opened up you get a large platform for preparing your tobacco and pipe, then simply roll it up tight and the pouch will fit in your back pocket. As you roll the pouch all the air is expelled and the tobacco is packed tight meaning the roll up is the best design for keeping your tobacco fresher for longer.

  • Length: 150mm
  • Height: 84mm
  • Depth: 15mm (Empty)
  • Capacity: 75g/3oz

If you haven't guessed it already we are quite excited and very passionate about these pouches. What can we say we are nerds and it's not often we see a turn away from cost cutting towards craftsmanship.

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