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Savinelli Con Dit Kit Pipe Conditioning Kit

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Single Boxed Kit £26.99

  • Cleans
  • Deodorizes
  • Disinfects
  • 10ml Bottle

Savinelli Con Dit Kit:
The perfect gift from the partner at the end of their tether! Fed up of manky looking and smelly pipes and need gift for your other half well kill two birds with one stone with this Pipe conditioning gift set from Savinelli!

Briar Polish 18ml:
A special Polish designed specifically for Briar Pipes. The Savinelli is designed to restore and protect the finish on your pipe and is heat resilient unlike standard wood polish.
If your pride and joy starts to darken or fade with use simply apply the Savinelli polish allow to dry and buff up.

Stem Polish 30ml:
One of the most effective stem polishes available. It’s not as thick and abrasive as other brands but something in it dissolved the oxidisation more effectively than we have ever seen. It still takes a good amount of elbow grease if you don’t have a polishing wheel but it’s surprisingly more effective than most of the stem polishes we’ve come across in the past.

Pipe Cleaning & Sanitizing Fluid 18ml:
A specially formulated fluid for deep cleaning of your pipe. There’s no hiding from it pipes can smell and become stale after a while and the Briar can often be tainted by rich flavoured tobacco’s. Simply empty your pipe, dip a pipe cleaner into the fluid and run through the stem and shank of your pipe. In particularly bad cases soak a cloth and wipe out the inside of the bowl then allow to dry. And hey presto a less wingy other half!

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