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Samuel Gawith Brown No.4 Twist Tobacco (50g Tin)

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  • 50g Vacum Sealed Tin
  • Twist/Rope
  • Pipe Tobacco

BUY BRITISH The Samuel Gawiths Kendal Brown No.4 is British Twist at its finest. Only the finest aged Brown Leaf is used by the experts at Samuel Gawiths to produce a Brown Twist compareable to none. The Kendal tobacco manufacturers enjoy worldwide recognition for their tobacco's and for good reason.

The Kendal Brown No.4 twist receives excellent ratings as a full bodied, full flavour and full strength tobacco, which burns well and smokes like all tobacco did in the glory days before the tobacco giants went down the road of profit! The flavour is very comparable to a premium cigar for that pure untouched tobacco flavour.

Brown Twist: The Brown twists comes straight from the spinning machine without going through the further cooking process. This arguably leaves the brown twists stronger as the curing process would remove some of the stronger Tar and Nicotine elements. However it is generally found by most smokers that the brown is less harsh smoke than the black. Which ever way this tobacco is viewed it is still a very strong tobacco which we would only recommend for the experienced smoker.

Irish Twist: Irish twist is the thickest twist which is generally preferred by pipe smokers but can and is often chewed. The rope needs trimming and rubbing before it can be smoked. Leave bigger pieces to slow down the burn rate and vice versa.

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