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Rips Red Regular Papers on a roll (24 Rolls)

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Full Box Of Papers (24 Rolls) £15.99

Full Box of Rips (24 Rolls)
Not only do you substantially save money on buying your Rips papers on the roll in Bulk but you also make sure you never run out of your favourite cigarette papers and don’t have to make that late night dash to your neighbours to scrounge some papers!

  • Length: 7 Metres
  • Width: 37mm

Rips use the finest cigarette paper imported to the UK from a mill with over 150 years of experience in the cigarette paper industry. The gum is made from the finest, highly tacky, natural Arabic Gum, which is chemical free and contains no additives.

The Rips red regular are the original Rips, which are the slimest and longest paper with over 7 metres of rolling fun. Slim papers give less layers to your cigarette so don’t affect the flavour of the tobacco.

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