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Reiner Premium Hand Blended Yellow Star Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin) Rum & Vanilla

QTY Price
Single 50g Tin £14.90
3 tins (150g) £43.85
5 Tins (250g) £72.65

  • 50g Vacum Sealed Tin
  • Ready Rubbed
  • Pipe Tobacco

Reiner Pipe Tobacco:
Reiner is a Danish Pipe Tobacco that has not been available on this side of the atlantic before and we are delighted to have it on our shelves. The Reiner Yellow Star is a one for the Aromatic lovers out there who appreciate a quality non artificial flavour.
The blend starts of life with a mixture of ripe Brown and Black Cavendish leaves with a careful addition of Virginia to help even out the flavour and burn rate. The resulting blend is mild in strength but the flavour really blows you a way. A really natural tasting casing bursts out of the tin upon opening.

Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco:
The Reiner Rum & Vanilla Pipe Tobacco is a ready rubbed tobacco blend. Ready rubbed tobacco is made up of loose strands and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation for added convenience and enjoyment.