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**RARE** Alfred Dunhill 7 Day Dress Pipe Set (7 Pipes)

Single Set of 7 Pipes £3,235.00

** This product is not currently available. **

Alfred Dunhill
The challenge of a Dunhill history is to separate myth and legend from the history. This however, may be impossible. The story of Alfred Dunhill is so tied up with myth that the myths are now part of the history. Alfred opened a small factory of his own in 1910. He set down two principles that would guide the production of Dunhill Pipes. First, pipes would be made of only the finest quality briar, with exacting care by expert craftsmen. Secondly, the pipes would be priced accordingly; the customer would recognize the value of a superior product. This ran counter to the current trend of inexpensive pipes of poor quality that one simply discarded after a short while.
The Dunhill pipe was made to last a lifetime and always with an eye to utility. It must smoke well and continue to do so with age.

Alfred Dunhill White Spot
In 1915, the famous white spot was introduced for very practical concerns. With straight pipes, customers had trouble knowing which way to insert the handmade vulcanite mouthpieces. So Alfred Dunhill ordered white spots to be placed on the upper side of the stem. This very practical solution would become a definitive trademark of Dunhill pipes. The “white spot” soon became known as a symbol of quality.

Alfred Dunhill 7 Day Pipe Set
Designed to offer a steady weekly rotation of pipes, The Alfred Dunhill 7 Day Set consists of one pipe for every day of the week, with every day marked by a different shape, but all shapes united by the same finish. The set of 7 pipes comes in a leather bound presentation case.

Dress Briar Pipes
Introduced in 1973, the Dress is a black smooth finish designed to look elegant with a tuxedo or other formal wear, refined and sophisticated. A smooth jet-black stain with black stem and solid Sterling Silver band gives this line of pipes the distinctive elegance that has come to be associated with the Dunhill name.

Pipe Sizings
A 3101 Group 3 Classic Straight Apple

  • Overall Length: 128mm
  • Overall Height: 39mm
  • Bowl Height: 39mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 34mm
  • Bore: 18mm
  • Weight: 32g

A 3103 Group 3 Straight Billiard with Oval Stem

  • Overall Length: 139mm
  • Overall Height: 45mm
  • Bowl Height: 45mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 34mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 32g

A 3204 Group 3 Classic Straight Saddle Bulldog

  • Overall Length: 130mm
  • Overall Height: 41mm
  • Bowl Height: 41mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 37mm
  • Bore: 18mm
  • Weight: 27g

A 4101 Group 4 Classic Straight Apple

  • Overall Length: 134mm
  • Overall Height: 45mm
  • Bowl Height: 45mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 38mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 39g

A 4102 Group 4 Classic Bent Billiard

  • Overall Length: 140mm
  • Overall Height: 77mm
  • Bowl Height: 50mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 37mm
  • Bore: 19mm
  • Weight: 57g

A 4407 Group 4 Classic Curved Prince

  • Overall Length: 162mm
  • Overall Height: 38mm
  • Bowl Height: 38mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 43mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 43g

A 4135 Group 4 Classic Curved Horn

  • Overall Length: 140mm
  • Overall Height: 46mm
  • Bowl Height: 46mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 41mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 49g
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