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Sharrow Philtpads White Absorbent Chalk Filters (Full Box Bulk Buy)


Full box containing 20 packs of philtpads! Save money and never run out of the indispensable Philtpads ever again buy buying in bulk! How many times have you bought a hand full of these to never see them again or find a pile of dust in your pocket! Buy a box and they can stay protected in the draw where you will always have a supply!

  • 25 Pipe Filters per pack
  • Disposable

Pack of 25 highly absorbent filters, which can be placed in the bottom of any pipe bowl!

The Philtpads are rounded, white, chalk blocks, which are placed in the bottom of the pipe bowl before adding any tobacco. Ridges on 3 sides leave space round the edges for smoke to pass through, whilst absorbing impurities from the smoke and any moisture from the bottom of the bowl. They are mainly used by wet smokers who find they draw moisture through the stem.

No mess no fuss, when the filter turns a dark brown colour and looks full simply throw away and replace!

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