< Peterson Waterford (Cumberland)

Peterson Waterford Briar Pipe (Cumberland Stem) XL13

QTY Price
Single Boxed Briar Pipe £73.99

  • Overall Length: 155mm
  • Overall Height: 52mm
  • Bowl Height: 52mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 43mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Acrylic Cumberland Stem
  • Cloth pipe bag included
Peterson Waterford Series Pipe Range:

You would be forgiven for thinking the Waterford line is a standard range from peterson due to it’s relatively low price tag. It definitely had us confused as the grain pattern, finish and stunning cumberland stem definitely screams high grade. The other clue is the Embedded embedded aluminium P which they only put on high grade pipes. So has the Peterson accounts team messed up ……… do you need to snap one up quickly before they cotton on ……….. well no the answer lies in one element that we think signifies the elegance of the Waterford range. They don’t have a Silver mount. A Silver mount is a luxurious addition to any pipe and add’s many £££’s to the price tag. From our estimates this pipe would be a £100 + pipe if it had a Silver Band.

This was a bold and confident decision by the peterson team as they felt a Silver Band actually detracts from the aesthetic feel of the pipe. The striking grain pattern of the exceptional high grade Briar is really enhanced by this new Chestnut coloured stain and flows beautifully into the Cumberland mouthpiece. Here at The Black Swan Shoppe we couldn’t agree more as this has made for a stunning pipe with a very classy feel.

Fishtail mouthpiece:

Peterson’s trademark patented mouthpiece is the p.lip design, which has many advantages but unfortunately some smokers just don’t get on with it. The Waterford series comes with the fishtail mouthpiece as an alternative for those who don’t get on with the P.Lip.