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Peterson Sportsman System Pocket Briar Pipe 68 Brown

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Single Boxed Smoking Pipe £56.99

  • Overall Length: 125mm
  • Overall Height: 75mm
  • Bowl Height: 50mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 43mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 59g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Peterson Sportsman 68 Brown
The Sportsman 68 is a large Apple bowl which fits the hand beautifully and has a good thick Briar wall and generous bore for those who like a good fill. The thick walls make this a very heat resilient pipe. The pipe has been finished with Petersons iconic rich brown stain, which highlights the natural grain of these quality Briars beautifully.

Peterson Sportsman Pipe series:
The Sportsman is a new and exciting line from Peterson released into the UK early 2015. They are a direct descendant of the Sports series that Peterson first sold in the late 1940’s.
As many of us are destined for the outdoors to enjoy our pipes, the pocket friendly pipes are becoming increasingly popular. The issue with small pipes is they overheat easily so the sportsman series quite like the Outdoor use a standard sized system bowl with a shortened shank. This prevents the pipe from overheating and keeps the smoke cool and sweet.
The small size of the outdoor series enables easy storage and reduces damage to the pipe when open to the elements. Any experienced pipe smoker will tell you it is bad practice to smoke any pipe in windy conditions as the draft will cause the pipe to flame and fire up consequently burning the bowl. Although the Sportsman series is not exempt from this advice, a shorter pipe will suffer less.

Peterson System:
The Sportsman pipes aren’t advertised as being system pipes but we are going to argue that they are. They are made using standard system shapes and the have a large reservoir trap.
The Peterson system is a patented system, which naturally removes tar and moisture from the smoke without restricting the draw. Resulting in a very smooth and dry smoke. We have recommended Petersons to many wet smokers who have always returned delighted with the results.

Fishtail mouthpiece:
Petersons trademark patented mouthpiece is the p.lip design, which has many advantages but unfortunately some smokers just don’t get on with it. To make the new outdoor series available to all smokers they have incorporated the fishtail.

This is a generic image that we have taken from a random selection of this pipe model from our stocks. It is unlikely to be the exact pipe you will receive. Due to the nature of the raw material used and this being a handmade product there will be some variation in grain, colour and finish.
There could also be a slight variation in the dimensions provided.