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Peterson Classic Black Leather Roll Up Pipe Tobacco Pouch POU134

  • Length: 155mm
  • Height: 85mm
  • Depth: 12mm
  • Capacity: 75g

Peterson Black Leather Pouches In 2010 Peterson, one of the most dedicated and motivated Pipe manufacturers in the world entered the tobacco pouch market offering unrivalled quality and usability while keeping the price reasonable.

Peterson 143 Black Leather Combination Pipe Tobacco Pouch The Peterson Black Leather Roll up, Pipe smokers, tobacco pouch with no zips or press studs to go wrong. Simply a large patch of leather with a smaller patch sewn on top and a rubber lining in between to form a compartment for your favourite tobacco. When opened up you get a large platform for preparing your tobacco and pipe, then simply roll it up tight and the pouch will fit in your back pocket. As you roll the pouch all the air is expelled and the tobacco is packed tight meaning the roll up is the best design for keeping your tobacco fresher for longer. The pouch has one built in slip for storing pipe cleaners and maybe a lighter. The compartment is not designed for packing with accessories as this will defeat the object of the rolling of the pouch. If packed too much this compartment is likely to give so we only recommend storing pipe cleaners and maybe a few spare filters.

The pouch is proudly stamped with the Peterson logo as a guarantee of quality.

As you would expect from such a dedicated company who puts their customers needs before a quick buck Peterson appear to have made their pouches with a significantly higher grade of leather than other pouches of a comparable price and the pouches come in a lovely paper lined gift box making them ideal presents for a beloved pipe smoker.

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