< Peterson Fermoy 9mm Filter Smoking Pipes

Peterson fermoy 9mm Filter Briar Smoking Pipe 80s

QTY Price
Single Boxed Briar Pipe £67.99

  • Overall Length: 135mm
  • Overall Height: 53mm
  • Bowl Height: 42mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 45mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Weight: 51g
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Peterson Fermoy Range:
The Peterson Fermoy is a new and very welcomed range to fill the gaping holes in the 9mm Filter market. From what we gather the Peterson craftsmen were experimenting with new stains and polishes and discovered a new Smokey Brown stain that came up stunning when buffed. So they decided to introduce a whole new 9mm range just as an excuse to release it to the pipe smoking world.

Peterson Filter pipes are strictly speaking not system pipes but by adding space for a 9mm filter if you were to smoke the pipe without a filter there is a large chamber which is effectively a moisture trap. The bore hole does not have the same exaggerated graduation but it is still there to a degree meaning it will smoke better than the average pipe. So smoked with or without the absorbent 9mm filter in place there are very few pipes that will smoke cooler or sweeter.

Peterson Fermoy Filter 80 S Briar Pipe

The Peterson Fermoy Filter 80 S is a very distinctive classic Bulldog with a diamond shaped shank and the classic double groove round the bowl. A design classic, which is also popular due to being comfortable in the hand. The double groove aids cooling in the same way as a car radiator, which helps keep the bowl cool and in turn the smoke cooler and smoother.

Peterson Fishtail mouthpiece:
Petersons trademark patented mouthpiece is the p.lip design, which has many advantages but unfortunately some smokers just don’t get on with it. The Fermoy Range is supplied with a fishtail as standard. We can put in a special request with Peterson for a p.lip fitting but delivery is likely to take around 12 months.