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Natural American Spirit BLUE Hand Rolling/Tubing Tobacco (30g)

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  • 30g Sealed Pouch
  • Additive Free
  • Blue Full Strength
  • Fair Trade
  • Fine Cut
  • Hand Rolling Tobacco

The Original Additive Free Tobacco: Natural American Spirit was the founder of the additive free Hand Rolling concept and is still the market leader by a long way as they got it right first time securing loyal smokers from the beginning. They weren't just trying to make money they were trying to introduce a fair product at a fair price on a fair market with smokers enjoyment firmly at the forefront. It isn't just a gimmick it's a quality tobacco. Enjoy the full flavour of tobacco without the chemical flavour or harshness and that warm feeling in the knowledge that you are smoking a fair trade product!

Fair Trade Tobacco: The tobacco for the Natural American Spirit hand rolling and cigarette products is sourced from local Tobacco farmers in an open and un corrupt market.

No Additives No Preservatives No Burn Accelerators No Stem No Expanded Tobacco No Humectants Super Premium Segment

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