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Molina Hobby Pipe (Make Your Own Smoking Pipe) **9mm Bent Stem**

** This product is not currently available. **

Molina DIY Hobby Pipe: "That's a strange looking pipe" we hear you say!! Well why not do something about it and add your creative genius to it!!

Ever fancied making your own pipe but felt a little phased by the process well Molina have done the hard bit to save you losing limbs while trying to drill the shank and bore out the bowl. The shank has been turned for you and an acrylic mouthpiece has been fitted to a quality Briar block. The bowl has been bored professionally to meet the shank so you get to do the fun part and carve the bowl into whatever shape you desire.

Competition Time: Please send us a picture of your finished masterpiece (or disastrous efforts) and we shall publish it on our facebook page for the world to see. If we get enough interest we may initiate an annual competition with lucrative prizes!

Filter: The Molina Hobby pipe has been made to incorporate a 9mm absorbent filter. It can be smoked with or without a filter depending on your personal preference or we sell adaptor kits that let you incorporate a metal condensing filter.

Dimensions: We hope that it is obvious that shape, size and grain will vary from pipe to pipe. All we can tell you is that they tend to be a minimum of Width:40mm x Height: 50mm x Length: 150mm (Before carving)

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