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**Limited Edition** Montecristo Churchill Anejados Single Loose Cigar


*Length: 178mm *Gauge: 47 *Flavour: Med/Full *Cuban *Single Loose Cigar

Montecristo Cigars Montecristo cigars are by far the most popular cigar in our humidors. The consistent high quality, unique tobacco blend and renowned complex flavours entice avid smokers back for a Montecristo time and time again!

The Montecristo Churchill The Montecristo Churchill is the second release from an exciting new concept from Habanos S.A. Anejados (Aged). Not only is this vitola new to the Montecristo brand the cigars have also been box aged for between 5 to 8 years in the perfect humidity conditions of Cuba. This ageing affords the cigars a mellower, more refined taste as the blend of the leaves meld together over time realising their full potential.

A rich medium-bodied cigar with aromatic flavour and a distictive peppery finish.

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