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Cohiba Siglo V (Single Tubed Cuban Cigar)

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Single Cuban Cigar £35.90

  • Length: 170mm
  • Guage: 43
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Cuban
  • Individually Tubed
  • No Humidor Required

A single, individually tubed, Cohiba Siglo V Cuban cigar!

The usual selection of the finest hand selected leaves are reserved for the Siglo series as the Linea Classica but they haven’t been allowed to develop as much making them an easier going cigar. This means us general, premium cigar smokers can enjoy the premium quality of a Cohiba rather than just the heavy smoking, Cuban diplomats they were originally designed for.

The Cohiba Siglo V cigar has an excellent appearance with its oily chocolate wrapper. It produces a good burn and draw with fair amounts of smoke. The cigar starts off with heavy floral tones, which progresses to spicy and cocoa tastes towards the end. To appreciate this cigar you should not hurry the smoke but take plenty of time to enjoy it. All though the Siglo series aren’t as intense as the Linea Classica the Siglo V is a large cigar. The smaller ring gauge makes it less intense but the length will require some time and commitment. If you are unsure whether you will enjoy a cigar of this length until the end we would recommend introducing yourself with a smaller cigar.

Individually tubed: The Cohiba Siglo range of cigars are individually packaged in a premium, cedar lined aluminium tube, which just oozes quality. As well as being decorative the Cedar lined tube also helps preserve your cigar for up to a year without the use of a humidor meaning they are always ready for that special occasion that a cigar of this quality is designed to represent.

Please note the Cohiba Lineas 1942 cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed.

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