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**DISCONTINUED** Kendal Brown Bogie Twist (Pipe/Chewing Tobacco)

Single 25g Pouch £6.55
Single 50g Pouch £13.10
100g split into 2 Pouches £25.90
200g split into 4 Pouches £51.45
500g split into 10 Pouches £127.80

** This product is not currently available. **

Here at the Black Swan Shoppe we strive to offer a wide variety of products but the sales of this particular Twist have slowed down to the point we can’t justify stocking it. If you would like us to restock this and would buy it on a regular basis we would love to stock it so please get in touch.

  • Pipe Tobacco or Chewing Tobacco
  • Loose Packaged to Order
  • Full Strength

The Kendal Brown Bogie is a British made Twist tobacco made up of predominantly dark fired leaf with the addition of a small percentage of dark air cured Indian leaf.

Brown Twist:
The Brown twists comes straight from the spinning machine without going through the further cooking process. This arguably leaves the brown twists stronger as the curing process would remove some of the stronger Tar and Nicotine elements. However it is generally found by most smokers that the brown is less harsh smoke than the black. Which ever way this tobacco is viewed it is still a very strong tobacco which we would only recommend for the experienced smoker.

Bogie Twist
The Bogie twists are a versatile tobacco of medium thickness used by pipe smokers and chewers.

Loose packaged to order:
Here at the Black Swan Specialist Tobacconist we buy our Brown Bogie Twist tobacco on large rolls. This means we hand cut and package your tobacco and inspect every piece before it reaches you. Your order may contain small pieces to obtain the exact weight ordered.

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