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Instahit Menthol Drops for Cigarette Filters

  • 2ml Bottle
  • Up to 40 Drops (approx)
  • Turns any Cigarette Menthol

Instahit Menthol Drops are the only product on the market that can be used on all filter types with little to no waiting time. Simply add 1 or 2 drops into the centre of the filter. Two drops will make an even more intense flavour. This option gives you the ability to customise the strength of the menthol flavour to your liking.

For cigarettes with recessed filters there is no waiting time, meaning it can be smoked straight after the drops have been added. For all other filter types there is a very short waiting time of 10 minutes.

Instahit Menthol Drops are very convenient and can be dropped into an entire box of cigarettes at one time. This can be very useful if you are on the move or on a night out. The bottle is small and easy to carry or place within the box for use as and when required.

Instahit Menthol Drops is a “first of its kind” product and gives you flexibility like never before seen.

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